How to connect the original PS3 controller to Magic-S Pro on Switch

2022-11-18 14:05:01 MAYFLASH
  1. Turn on Switch and setup the “Pro Controller Wired Communication” of the Nintendo Switch system on.

    (Tips: System Settings - Controllers and Sensors - Pro Controller Wired Communication – ON.)MAYFLASH Limited

  2. Plug Magic-S Pro to Switch Dock USB slot

    MAYFLASH Limited

  3. Please make sure your adapter is in Switch Pro mode (The LED indicator is in Purple). If not, please switch to the Purple mode manually by pressing and holding the button located at the side of the adapter for 3-5 seconds.

  4. Plug the original Sony PS3 controller to Magic-S Pro by using a standard USB cable.

    MAYFLASH Limited

  5. If the wired connection works, you can remove the USB cable from Magic-S Pro. Press the Home button of your controller. Your controller is ready to use now.

    MAYFLASH Limited