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Wireless Sensor DolphinBar(Wiimote to PC USB )

Packaging Details

Item NO.: W010
Product Name Wireless Sensor DolphinBar(Wiimote to PC USB )
Package Gift Box
Measurement 50.5×34×30.5 (cm)
N.W 15 (KG)
G.W 15.8 (KG)
QTY 140 (PCS)
UPC CODE 6902201312255
  • Q & A

W010 Upgrade Firmware Ver04 Updates on February 10, 2015
1. The SYNC LED (LED 0) will be off if NO Connecting with the Wiimotes. The SYNC LED (LED 0) will stay lit if connecting with the Wiimotes.
2. The DolphinBar will not enter into the sleep mode while in the Mode 4 (Dolphin Mode) with Windows 8.1 (Some customers feedback this problem before)

W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar Infrared LED issues Update Software on September 2, 2015
1.Question: Why do we need to release this update software?
Answer: A few clients complained that the infrared LED might be not working with extended use. The update software will help you to turn off the infrared LED when you do not connect the Wii Remote.
2.How to upgrade it?
-Firstly run the update software
-Press and hold the SYNC button on the Sensor DolphinBar, then connect the USB cable to your computer
-Click “ Update Firmware” to upgrade it
-Unplug the USB cable after the upgrading
Reminder: The Wireless Sensor DolphinBar can NOT be used on the Wii U Game System as a normal Wii U sensor bar after this upgrading.
3.Warm Tips
Please unplug the Wireless Sensor DolphinBar when not in use to try to avoid the infrared LEDs not working with extended use.

●Wireless Sensor DolphinBar can connect your Wii Remote Plus Controller to your PC by Bluetooth.
●Easy and simple operation, no need extra Bluetooth dongle.
●Supports Cursor Anti-Shake function.
●Allows you to play more quicky and precisely with your Game Controller, Light Gun or Racing Wheel.
●Works as a normal keyboard and mouse.
●Works as a PC Remote Controller. You can return or skip to the beginning of the current, previous or next chapter, and supports Fast reverse, Fast forward, Pause playing, etc.
●Works as a Game Light Gun. You can play all kinds of PC Shooting Games, and PC or Wii Light Gun is well supported.
●Works as a wireless Game Controller. Connects your Wii Remote Controller, or Wii Remote Controller + Wii Nunchuk, or Wii Remote Controller + Wii Classic Controller to your PC. Supports the G-sensor function that is the best choice for the Racing Games. Supports the Vibration Feedback.
●Supports GC Controller by using MAYFLASH GC Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U(W007)
●Compatible with the Wii Emulator Dolphin. Supports up to 4 of the Wii Remote Controllers.
●Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8 ,32 bit and 64 bit,Windows 10.

Supports TR WiiMotes and the newest Dolphin 4.0-2241(Please download the newest Dolphin version from the official website https://dolphin-emu.org) by installing the updated firmware on MAYFLASH website download page

1.Download and run the firmware (MAYFLASH DolphinBar Upgrade Firmware Ver03) on WINDOWS (XP, WIN7 or WIN8).

2.Press and hold the “SYNC” button on the DolphinBar, and plug the DolphinBar into the PC USB ((Your Windows will find the new firmware, wait until the recognization is completed).

3.Release the SYNC button, and you'll find the Update Firmware button becomes available. Click this button to update.

4.Please don’t plug out the DolphinBar when it’s upgrading.


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